Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Poop and pee...

that is what little boys are made of! I have not seen any snails or puppy dog tails, but I have a plethora of poop and pee!

I am beginning to think that Little Man has his Daddy's sense of humor. I just got done changing (being assaulted) his diaper. I had finished all of the "dirty work" when he commenced into his Old Faithful impression... REALLY?!?! Everything was clean, dry and ready to go!

At any rate, I am off to try to convince a local baby store to start carrying some amazing bags for diapering and otherwise. if you dare! I warn you... these bags are addictive! I went from zero to 3 in about a week!

I have to take Little Man to the pediatrician to get rechecked from his crud, so I will update later and maybe post a few pics so you can see what my "Eggs" really look like!


Personal note- hey "with an E" be careful what you ask for... my adventures in parenting are sometimes just gross!

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