Monday, March 21, 2011

Menu Monday ... not so much this week :-/

Sooooo... my goal is to have a Menu up for the week with shopping info, coupons (if I can find them), recipes (or links), etc. However, that didn't happen this week. I got a little discouraged because my Sunday/Monday meal (be forewarned, we are left-over eaters) was a big ol' FLOP! Ugh! I guess it has to happen ever now and then...

So this week I will leave you with what I making tomorrow for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesdays are a busy day for us as the Dancing Daughter has school, Musical Theater class, Ballet class and homework to get done. So I am hoping to get in the routine of Crock Pot Tuesdays!!!!

The problem with my Crock Pot cooking is a lack of variety and a reliance on Cream of ... soups that I don't care for in my cooking. Enter A Year of Slow Cooking!!! I have used this several times and really had good results. Her cooking is flexible and rather healthy. I also like the Index and Table of Contents for easy searching.

So I give you our meal for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday...

Crock Pot Chicken and Brown Rice Casserole

I am excited about this meal because of the brown rice and no canned stuff. However, I can't leave well enough alone and I don't care for monochromatic food so I will be cutting up some carrots and tossing it in to cook with the chicken and rice. HUGE BONUS for this week... I have ALL of the ingredients either in my pantry or freezer! No grocery shopping trip for this meal... which is great since I just came up with this and I have to get it on to cook first thing in the morning. I will be throwing together a salad to go with this... I am hoping that if I start eating a salad before every dinner, I might get rid of the rest of this baby weight. (More on that topic later!)

I'll post a review after we try it... assuming I get it put in the crock pot! ;-)

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